Grape saving

Asked July 30, 2017, 11:25 AM EDT

We bought our house last year and have a 15 year old Hardy grape but it has been over grown and became to heavy for its fence it was growing on. They do bear fruit a lot of big bunches.
I would like to know how to trim,when to trim, how much to trim, and if relocation is possible? also we have found a vast grape vine growing 25 feet into some of the property's trees in the back don't know what kind just wondering if there edible?

Sanilac County Michigan

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Those grapes look like Concord. The vine you have in back is probably one of the two wild grapes which grow here in Michigan. They are edible but you will find them disappointing but some people use them for preserves, such as jam.
It looks like you have some black rot in the grape bunches but it is too late to treat for that disease. MSU has a site dedicated to grapes.
Follow the link to viticulture and Dr. Tom Zabadal has posted many videos you can watch to answer your questions.