Help with pond algae, etc.

Asked July 30, 2017, 10:15 AM EDT

Hello, I was hoping to get some assistance in caring for our pond. We recently moved onto a property with a pond that has issues with algae. As far as I know the previous owners provided little to no maintenance. Can you provide guidance on how to care for a stocked pond with algae and long term preventative maintenance? Thanks! Beth 5028197285

Oldham County Kentucky

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Hello Beth,

There are herbicides labeled for use in ponds to control algae and other weeds. It would be important to determine if there are other weeds present besides algae to make sure the correct product is used. First and foremost, though, one of the keys to controlling pond weeds is to maintain a pond at deeper levels. Many shallow ponds will continue to have weed problems unless this is corrected. In shallower ponds, sunlight can shine through the water to the bottom and cause weeds to grow. Is there erosion occurring that is allowing soil to move into the pond, thus making it more shallow? Or leaves falling from trees into the pond each season that are helping to fill it? Lots of questions to consider before able to give a complete recommendation.

Grass carp can help control weeds in a pond, too, but they should be stocked as a preventive control, not a curative. In other words, putting them in now won't make all the weeds disappear this season. Our office provides advice on pond management, and it would be helpful to talk further with you in order to give you the best advice. You may contact me at 502-222-9453.