Frustrated about peaches

Asked July 29, 2017, 7:02 PM EDT

We are picking peaches but they are mainly green and hard on one side and rotting on the other. I assume this is Brown rot. They also have peach scab. But what I've read says that this should only effect the skin and the peach flesh is fine. This is not the case in ours, as they are hard under the peach scab. We have sprayed copper sulfate before bloom and then neem oil routinely. We are extremely frustrated. Any suggestions?

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1 Response

A satisfactory peach crop is virtually impossible without following a spray schedule. The only exception would be that you may be able to get away with spraying less in a dry year, but the final sprays for brown rot are very important as the peaches sweeten up.

We think the Neem oil is not effective for these diseases.

Please refer to the spray schedule at the bottom of the tree fruit page, but also read through the disease information in the Stone Fruit section: