controlling tar weed in horse pasture

Asked July 29, 2017, 2:22 PM EDT

when i had sheep and goats i never had a problem with tar weed when they left suddenly its everywhere. How should i best control it? Get animals again to go with the horses or as my neighbor says spray with wd4

Lane County Oregon

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At this time of the year, the best management strategy would be keeping the tarweed from setting and distributing more seed. If you can mow or pull the plants and remove them from the field that would be good. Otherwise, there are herbicide treatments that will be effective when the plants are actively in the spring, if that is of interest to you. Milestone is an expensive herbicide, but very effective on a wide range of broadleaf weeds in pastures. It sounds like you've had good success with multi-species grazing! Sheep and goats do prefer forbs and browse and definitely help manage many weedy species. It would definitely be worth considering again, if you enjoy these animals too!

thank you i am cutting as much as i can and am gong to look for a free sheep and goat to bring back to pasture in the meantime i have large bare spots. Should i put down hay in that area hoping the seed from the hay will set. I have had no luck with reseeding when i have tried spreading purchased grass see in spring or fall. Do i need to remove the horses from the field becasue its so dry?
I hate to restrict their movement but don't want to stress the pasture.

I highly recommend that you review the OSU Extension publication, "Managing Small-acreage Horse Farms", which will give guidelines to minimize stress to your pastures. It is likely that your pasture soils are compacted and simply leaving hay to re-seed, as with spreading purchased seed, will not be very effective. Also, the Pasture and Hayland Renovation Guide provides information about soil preparation and timing for successful establishment.