Aspen trees in coos county

Asked July 29, 2017, 1:56 AM EDT

Hello, we just moved to Coos County from Colorado. My Mother-in-Law wants to plant an aspen tree on our property. We wanted to check with an expert if this is safe to do. We have concerns about any tree that could become invasive.

Coos County Oregon aspen trees

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Thanks for your question about aspen trees. I'm assuming you're asking about the quaking aspen, Populus tremuloidus. A Washington State University Extension faculty member says this about aspens, in her article entitled "Worst Trees to Plant:"

"Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides): Who doesn’t like the trembling leaves and the spectacular golden fall color of aspens? Many folks love this tree until it’s been growing in their landscape for a couple of years. That’s when the aspen roots start sending up suckers, lots of suckers. According to research, aspen roots start suckering when they’re about two years old and one-quarter inch in diameter, plus aspens develop extensive root systems. This explains how native aspen stands grow larger and regenerate themselves after forest fires. In home landscapes this ability becomes a nightmare."

Your instincts to avoid this tree are spot on. Avoid it unless you have lots of acres to fill.