Joe Pye Weed Dying

Asked July 27, 2017, 11:44 AM EDT

I have a stand of Joe Pye Weed and noticed some of the stems are dying off. I look closely and there are small holes in the stems. I saw a small whitish caterpillar with black stripes inside one of the holes. I also noticed small piles of something? beneath the stems. Any idea what's happening or what I can do? I'm not sure if the cause is insect damage or not. Next to the Joe Pye is a stand of rudbeckia that is wilting and dying off but I can't find any insect damage on the rudbeckia plants. So many two separate issues at play here?

Howard County Maryland

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There are a couple of eupatorium borer moths: one is a clearwing moth and looks like a wasp, the other is a gray-brown one. They are not commonly a problem.
For control, clip off any bored stems where the caterpillars inside and destroy. There is no insecticide that will treat them inside the stems.