Crop Rotation with corn

Asked July 27, 2017, 8:16 AM EDT

We currently grow corn in a small bottom. We utilize it more as barrier to keep poachers from shooting deer from the highway. It has been grown in the bottom for 3 years now. We need to rotate something else in its place for a year or two. What crops would be suitable that will grow to a height of 6 ft or more and hold its height throughout most of the winter months?

Lincoln County Kentucky

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That could be hard to accomplish. Generally we use soybeans in rotation with corn, but they will probably not give you the heighth or longevity that you are looking for. One idea, if you do not need the corn to harvest and sell is that you plant a native warm season perennial grass like Eastern gamagrass, big bluestem, switchgrass or indiangrass. All of these grasses would make great wildlife habitat and would possibly hold their heighth into the fall. Here is a link to UK's publication on Native Warm Season Perennial Grasses.

We would have to do some checking, but there might be some cost share moneys available to assist in the establishment of these grasses through the Soil Conservation Service or the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss further at the Lincoln Co Extension Office, 606-365-2447.