Beautiful Caterpillar?

Asked July 27, 2017, 12:49 AM EDT

Yesterday as my husband and I were sitting in our backyard under some maple trees and river birch type trees, a large green caterpillar fell on his foot. It's as big as my finger! I thought it could be a Luna Moth Caterpillar. I see it isn't supposed to live in Southern Oregon, but maybe you could tell me what you think it is?

Jackson County Oregon

1 Response

You have been visited by the caterpillar ( larvae) of the Polyphemus Moth, a large member of a group known as the Giant Silkworm Moths. The scientific name of this beautiful tan moth with large eyespots on its hind wings is Antheraea polyphemus.. You can find out more about the moth's and its larvae's habits by searching out the website