Burying Beetles

Asked July 26, 2017, 10:43 AM EDT

Good Morning, I wanted to reach out to inquire about some burying beetles that have taken residence in a tree in my front yard. I presume they have discovered a dead squirrel or bird to nest in. I understand they are on an endangered list and wanted to see if anyone in your department might be interested in retrieving them? I love bugs and really don’t want to kill them but I am in fear that they are eventually going to kill my tree. My name is Laura Ewles and I reside in Jeffersonville, IN at 624 Mechanic Street. My phone is 812-786-2544. If someone could call or email me a response, that would be great! If there is someone else I should speak with regarding this matter, please let me know. Thanks so much for any assistance.

Clark County Indiana

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Since you are in Clark County, IN, I would suggest reaching out to your local Extension office. They may want to see the insects to make a positive ID and they can direct you on if the insects can damage your tree. In your county, Simon Kafari is the agriculture agent and he should be able to help you. His contact information is below.

Clark County Extension Office: Suite 1, 9608 Hwy. 62, Charlestown, IN 47111-9640

Phone: 812.256.4591

Email: skafari@purdue.edu