Leaf-Gro applications?

Asked July 26, 2017, 10:27 AM EDT

How should Leaf-Gro be utilized in home gardens? Solely as a mulch? Strictly as compost? As a soil amendment, and if so, what are recommended additives, if any, which can be included with Leaf-Gro to maximize its utility? I've always used my own compost as compost, mulch, and soil additive, but I'd include Leaf-Gro if an significant advantage could be realized. Thanks for any information you can supply.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Leaf-Gro can be used as a soil amendment (like compost), mulch, potting mix component, or a top-dressing when seeding turf. Leaf-Gro is made from composted leaves and yard waste collected in Maryland. It is an excellent source of organic matter, helps to improve soil structure, and slowly releases nutrients to plant roots. If you already make your own compost and have it in a sufficient amount, then there isn't really any reason to add Leaf-Gro also. Your homemade were serve just as well for providing the benefits that Leaf-Gro does. You will find more information about the qualities and benefits of different soil amendments and fertilizers in the following fact sheet: