Leaves curling on trees

Asked July 25, 2017, 2:46 PM EDT

Hi I have some trees (Maple, Birch, Ash) in my yard that on one side of the trees some of the leaves seem to be curling up, and in the case of the maple some are falling off. It is just on one side of the row of trees, my garden seems to be affected somewhat as well. Could this be a drift issue with farm chemicals? There is a soybean field near my property. Also will these trees recover? I have attached some pictures, I can get more if needed. thanks Justin

Brown County Minnesota

1 Response

If the damage is on the side facing the agricultural field and more than one species is affected, it is a real possibility that this is herbicide drift damage. Your first step should be to talk to the neighbor who may be responsible. Find out what his/her spraying schedule was and what chemicals were used.

Although it is difficult to say for sure from photographs, your trees look quite healthy, so their chance for recovery is good. However, you should continue to take time-stamped photographs and keep a log of this and any other damage you notice. You might also want to bookmark this page: