fungi in the soil

Asked July 25, 2017, 11:12 AM EDT

We are trying to determine if the soil in our gardens soils has a fungi in the soil know as Phyohthora pathogen. Our client wants us to take all the soils out of the beds and replace it with new soil and mulch . What would be the best way to test for the fungi? If the is done how much soil do we need to take out ? The results of the is fungi is the fact we are loosing the rhododendrons a little at a time since May

Wayne County Michigan

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MSU Diagnostic services can test for fungi problems. Usually the plant would be tested, but you might want to contact the lab for details and if they make recommendations on how to treat the problem in the soil. The website for the Diagnostic Lab is: The web page has the location and contact information for the lab along with forms, services and fees and how to submit samples.