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Asked July 24, 2017, 9:08 PM EDT

Plant that looks like a carrot? Showed up in my garden several years ago and is taking over. Seems to love growing around rocks. No identifiable odor to me. And how do I get rid of it? Digging it out doesn't seem to be the answer.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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It looks like wild carrot or poison hemlock growing on your land but I will consult another expert for a second opinion. I think wild carrot smells like carrot greens and hemlock has an
unpleasant odor so I am puzzeled by the lack of odor. Check the stems for hairs. Queen Anne's Lace or wild carrot has a hairy stem. Hemlock has no hairs. It is also very toxic can all part of the plant are poisoness in even small amounts. Do not remove any until you have a positive
identification or use protective gear and sufficient caution .

I know no hair on the stem and if it was wild carrot there would be carrots, right? No carrots, just st a white bulbous end that I can't get totally out of the ground. I have been pulling it out and putting it in grass bag to go to compost drop off.

Hemlock does not have a hairy stem. Since you suspect it is poison hemlock bag the plants and put them in the waste stream not compost. Follow the directions for disposal on the fact sheet, wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly even if you think you have not had any contact with the plant.

The MDA is asking people to report poison hemlock. Please make a report. The benefit to you is a plant expert will check out the plants.