False dandelions

Asked July 24, 2017, 4:40 PM EDT

Hello. False dandelion is taking over our horse pasture. What can we do to get it under control at this time? If we have to use herbicide, we have to keep it safe for the horses. We started to pull them but there are so many, I'm not sure we continue with that. If we pull it, we know it has to be bagged right away because it will continue to seed out. Thank you. Sandra

Clackamas County Oregon

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The middle of summer is a difficult time to control weeds with herbicides because the plants are so hardened off and under drought stress that applications often don't perform adequately. I would continue to limit seed production through hand pulling and mowing. This fall, after the weather changes in September or October and grasses and weeds are actively growing following precipitation, treat your pasture with products containing 2,4-D + dicamba (WeedMaster or Latigo) or aminopyralid (Milestone). These products are effective on false dandelion and a wide range of other broadleaf weeds and brush species. There are no grazing restrictions following application of any of these products so horse safety is not an issue. All are commonly available from local farm/ag stores. Follow the label for application rates in pastures or if spot spraying directions are desired. A spring treatment may be necessary as well.