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Asked July 24, 2017, 3:01 PM EDT

Hello there, I am trying to find a plum tree for my yard that has red skin with red flesh. I have only been able to find the ones in local nurseries with gold or tan flesh kr no described flesh color. I have not been able to find red. Does this tree not grow in Oregon? I had one in my yard when i was much younger and living in Fremont CA. i am starting to think they are not sold in the nurseries here because the climate is not compatible or they are not labeled with flesh color stating they are red.. My zip code is 97301Thank you

Marion County Oregon

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Hi and thanks for contacting Ask an Expert.
There are so many fruit trees that grow in our area of the Willamette Valley. We can grow just about all of them. I have looked and found several plums with red flesh - see below. But first, I wonder if what you had was a pluot. That is a cross between a plum and an apricot. Some have red skin and flesh and they are so very sweet. Look just like a plum.

Pluots: Each variety contains a different percentage of plum and apricot parentage. These varieties vary in size, skin color, and flesh color. The skin can be solid, striped, or speckled and skin colors range from yellow-green to black. The flesh of the Pluot ranges from white to red in color.

So here are the plums I found by Googling “red-fleshed, red-skinned plums”: Some plums need a pollinator, ask which plums are pollinators when you buy and make sure they both will flower at the same time unless you buy a self-pollinator. However, more fruit will be grown with another tree that pollinates.

Hollywood Plum

Fruiting ornamental. Introduced commercially in 1936. Very delicious fruit is medium-sized and round, with blood-red flesh and skin. Ripens in late June and hangs well on the tree. Good for jelly and canning. Red-leafed tree has upright growth habit. 300-400 hours. Self-fruitful. USDA Zones 5-9.

Elephant Heart Plum

Home orchard favorite: large, heart-shaped fruit with sweet, juicy, richly flavored, firm red flesh. Dark reddish-purple mottled skin. Long harvest season - September in Central CA. Hardy, heavy bearing tree. 500 hours or less. Pollinize with Beauty or Santa Rosa.

Starking Delicious - This new variety is gaining acclaim for its great taste and ease of growing. It is disease resistant making it a very environmentally friendly option. Ripening in the second week of August, this deep red Japanese plum is a delicious.

Redheart – you would be fortunate to find the redheart at the farmers market in mid-august. A finicky producer, the redheart is one of the tastiest plums grown in the state. It is aesthetically appealing being large, smooth, and heart-shaped with dark purplish red skin covered with golden specks. The flesh is blood red, firm and juicy. There are few other varieties that rival the redheart’s sweet aromatic goodness.

Rubyqueen – The Rubyqueen is a medium sized fruit with a firm flesh and excellent flavor. It has a beautiful dark red/black skin with a deep red flesh. This is really a jem of a plum.

Lydecker – The Lydecker is a new variety of plum harvested the first week of September. It is dark blue-black and nearly round, similar to many California dessert plums. It is said to have a superior ripe flavor to the more common varieties in its ripening season.

Hope this helps or maybe one of the above is the tree you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us again if you need a question answered.

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