Honeysuckle vine mites?

Asked July 24, 2017, 8:53 AM EDT

I have 2 honeysuckle vines next to each other on pergola-one is the oldest variety (in my mind) red blooms , dark green sturdy leaves and tough. But it gets black spots and yellow then dead leaves. The other is a more fragile vine, lighter leaves in color and yellow/pink big beautiful bloomes. It would winter over good each year except last died back to the ground. Now the tender vine is turning pale , starting at ends working way down . I believe I'm seeing mites. I'm not wanting to use anything harmful to birds butterflies etc.

Wright County Minnesota

1 Response

It sounds like more than one factor is affecting the health of the vines but we can't be sure or know what they are without seeing the vines or sharp photos.

If spider mites are present, follow the control recommendations found in this bulletin: