Leaf Streak in Daylilies

Asked July 23, 2017, 4:01 PM EDT

Myclobutanil is a recommended fungicide for treating leaf streak in daylilies. Do i need to wait until they are done blooming to treat?

Dakota County Minnesota

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I'm not sure where you are getting your fungicide recommendation, but remember that the label is the law. The pesticide has to be labeled for the pest and the plant. The label will also give instructions about timing.

However, daylily leaf streak is mostly a cosmetic disease of the daylily foliage. The best way to handle daylily leaf streak is with cultural controls. Some daylily cultivars are more susceptible than other, so stick with resistant ones. Keep your daylilies thinned and divided to give them more air circulation. Clean up all the dead foliage in the fall. Don't water overhead or at night. You'll find these and other recommendations at these websites: