Petunia Buds

Asked July 22, 2017, 7:04 PM EDT

It seems every year about this time the Petunia flower buds in my hanging baskets and my Dahlias begin to turn brown and dry up. I am wondering why this is and if it can be remedied at this point. Thank you.

Dakota County Minnesota

1 Response

So far as we can tell, both photos show spent blooms, rather than flower buds that have been damaged by disease or pests.

The petunia flower shown appears to be healthy. The adjacent sepals surround a brown, cone-like structure that is a ripening seed capsule. (The flowers that preceded the capsules dried up and fell off a while ago.)

Here is a spent dahlia flower that resembles the one shown in your photo. These can simply be removed to improve the plant's appearance.

If there are still damaged flower buds that we should see, please reply to this message and attach photos.