My mound system

Asked July 21, 2017, 5:48 PM EDT

I'm new to the country. How am I suppose to mow my mound if I am not allowed to walk on it? I'm only 5'3". It's 5 feet tall on it's own, It looks horrible, help

Mille Lacs County Minnesota

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I'm going to jump to a conclusion here that by "mound" you are referring to the mound of a septic system. Yes, you should limit foot traffic on such a septic mound. But you can mow it once a week or so. So there is no "not allowed to walk on it".

As for the challenges of a small person mowing on a hill, some things to consider (depending on budget) are: hiring someone to do it, getting a self-propelled mower, or re-landscaping. For the latter, I refer you to this publication: