Coliform and Filtration

Asked July 21, 2017, 5:05 PM EDT

Good Day: We've purchased a home in Stroudsburg with a well. When the inspection was done, there was an above-average level of Coliform in the water. I know we can "shock" the well, but my question was about filtration . . . If we install a filter system, and if the filters are NSF-Listed, can this work instead of "shocking". Also, from what I've read, an Ultraviolet sterilizer is also effective (but requires cleaning which I'm fine with. Is there any thought on filters versus sterilizers ?? Is one preferred to another ??

Monroe County Pennsylvania

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Shocking the well is one option but keep in mind that shocking only works if you have eliminated the source of the bacteria (surface water entering well, insects under well cap, animals too close to well, flood water, etc.). Shocking is meant to kill the bacteria that are left behind after the source has been removed.

The normal methods to remove bacteria are disinfection either with chlorine or ultraviolet light (UV). Homes on private water well normally select UV light since it is simple and relatively inexpensive.

We have a fact sheet that further describes the options for taking care of bacterial contamination at -

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.