Asked July 21, 2017, 3:33 PM EDT

Hi, I own a rental property that has a sick ash tree that must come down. BGE flagged this and will do the work as part of their efforts at fixing problem trees before they fall on the lines. The plan is that they will cut the tree down and leave it for two weeks in a pile of logs and then remove it all after two weeks. Is there anything that I should ask the tree removal contractor for BGE about safe removal? For instance, the location of the tree is a mile from the Bel Air Tollgate Landfill, which has a dumpster for dropping off noxious plants or infested plants, as well as a place for lawn clippings and regular weeds. Is that an appropriate place to dispose of the ash tree or do you have another better suggestion? I am uploading pictures. Thanks!

Harford County Maryland

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You do not need to worry about disposal of the logs. Unfortunately, this is already extremely common and BG& E will be well-versed in disposal. EAB is throughout Maryland and spread cannot be controlled anymore.

There is much information about EAB on our website if you do a search.