Wedding Ceremony Tree

Asked July 21, 2017, 2:14 PM EDT

Hi there,

I am getting married on September 14th and would like to have a tree ceremony as part of our wedding ceremony where my soon-to-be husband and I would be adding soil to a pot with either a small tree or a seed inside as part of our unity. The problem is that we live in an apartment currently and would like to plant this tree on our property once we buy a house next year. Ideally, we would plant a fruit tree (preferably an apple tree). We would like to move close to the mountains but are unsure exactly where. Do you have advice as to what type of tree we should plant and the maturity of the tree (seed, small tree, etc). I don't know much about trees or plants, so any advcie would be very helpful!

Denver County Colorado

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This isn't going to sound very romantic but I am skeptical about your plan to buy a tree now that ultimately is destined to be planted out sometime next year. Most apartment interior spaces don't provide good conditions and, with furnaces turned on, the ambient air in winter can be very dry for a tree. Even placing the container next to a window to increase light can backfire if that space gets cold in the evenings when the sun goes down. You really wouldn't be giving the tree a good start in life if it gets stressed before it even gets planted. Obviously, it wouldn't look good symbolically if the tree died!!

But, hey, it's a wedding! So here is an article from the Jefferson County Extension that lists some good varieties of fruit trees for the Front Range: