Interpreting Soil Test results

Asked July 20, 2017, 1:16 PM EDT

Hello, I had a soil test done this spring and I am attaching the results. I live in Upper Marlboro, PG county, and have been vegetable gardening on this plot most years since 2003. This is the first year I had the soil tested. I used clean tools and a glass bowl when taking the soil sample. At the end of each gardening season, I amended the soil in the fall with the recommended amounts of an organic vegetable fertilizer, then piled a LOT of shredded leaves on top of the soil until planting in spring. I also practice no-till gardening. The garden was fallow for the past two years and no fertilizer was added during this time (but many leaves were). The garden is about 3,000 square feet and soil samples were taken from many different parts and mixed together. There is a septic leach field nearby, but the closest it is to the garden is 30 feet. Please let me know why you think this soil could have such a high nutrient profile. Also, how do you suggest that I add nitrogen to this garden? Thank you, Judie Artman

Prince George's County Maryland

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Unfortunately, we did not receive the attachment with your soil test results. Would you be able to send us a photo of the results page, or try attaching the file again so we can take a look? Thank you.