cicada killers

Asked July 19, 2017, 10:05 AM EDT

We are in despite need to find a way to get rid of the cicada killers who have infested our front lawn. We have tried ammonia, Sevin dust, malathion, diatomaceous earth,numerous wasp sprays, all to no avail. This morning we woke up to another 10 or so flying around. Any help or suggestions you can give us would be greatly appreciated

Freeborn County Minnesota

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I'm sorry that the cicada killers are bothering you. They are not aggressive, are considered beneficial and rarely bother humans. There are no easy control solutions. Modify the habitat and make the area unattractive to burrowing. In lawns thicken your stand of turf by overseeding in the fall. Run a sprinkler in the nesting area over a period of time to saturate the ground during the day while the wasps are active. They do not like water and may lessen activity temporarily. Reduce exposed soil in ornamental beds by planting groundcovers and applying mulch. In new beds pin down landscape fabric with landscape pins and cover with mulch. If chemical control is necessary, control targets the adults. The young overwinter in a cocoon and insecticides may only kill this year’s wasps. Dust the entrance to the holes with a registered insecticidal dust labeled for controlling ground nesting bees and wasps. Apply at the recommended rate and follow label directions. Control is best done when you first see the females before they provision nests that will produce wasps next season. Here is some more info about them.