Green Bean Plant disease or mutation

Asked July 18, 2017, 11:58 PM EDT

I planted some Blue Lake Bush beans and they germinated and then something happened to the plant. They have stopped growing and all the new leaves are very small and wrinkled and not growing. The middle of the plants have strange looking stalks w/ no leaves and there are no flowers or blooms or fruit. I planted them 6 weeks ago and they look stunted and mutated.

The soil is fairly sandy on top 8" and clayey on bottom. We thought they had too much water. We fertilized 3 weeks ago. Any idea what caused this? Could it be the fertilizer? I found a photo that looks close to what they look like. I've grown beans several years in the past and never have seen anything like this.

Jefferson County Colorado

3 Responses

If all of your beans are affected the problem is likely caused by potential herbicide injury. If only some of the bean plants are affected the problem is likely caused by a virus.

Please look at the photos and let me know what you think. I haven't put any pesticides or herbicides on the plants except an organic garden safe fungicide. How could that cause a herbicide injury? Is it a virus? What caused it?

If all of your plants are affected the problem is herbicide injury. If you have not sprayed lately, ask all of your neighbors if they have sprayed in the past 6 weeks. If the answer is no then investigate what herbicide has been applied to the grass clippings you have applied as a mulch in your bean row. The damage looks like herbicide damage.