Remedy for Tomato Plant

Asked July 18, 2017, 2:02 PM EDT

I have a tomato plant in a container on my second floor deck, which is very hot and sunny. Tomatoes, which have been growing for about a month, have a light brown stick-like thing on the ends. One tomato has a crack. Is it too late for help?

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

The light brown piece on the end of the tomato looks like it might have been part of the blossom. Cracking of tomato fruits can occur for several reasons. It could be due to high temperatures, too much soil moisture, or excess nitrogen. Also, some types of tomatoes are genetically more prone to cracking ('Cherokee Purple' is one type that is notorious for this). It could be due to any one or a combination of these factors. If it just one tomato, it is probably nothing to be too concerned about.