Invasive grass in gardens and yards

Asked July 18, 2017, 12:19 PM EDT

I havens this grass on at least two of the properties I work on. Both in Harford county. It seems easy enough to pull, but is very invasive and hard to keep up with. Any idea what I'm dealing with, and best course of action. Thanks as always

Harford County Maryland

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This looks like nutsedge. Take a look at our website for photos and more information. Look to see if stems are 3-sided and triangular in cross section. This is classified as a sedge and not a grass.
See control information above for lawns. This is not an easy weed to control.

In landscape beds, it is best to remove the entire plant (including the root/rhizome system) by digging around the plant’s base. This will help ensure that you will not get regrowth from the nutsedge’s underground rhizomes. A nonselective herbicide which contains glyphosate provides only marginal control.