Little black bugs with wings

Asked July 17, 2017, 11:48 PM EDT

Help I have a little black bug that just showed up at my house at first I

thought it was an ant but they have wings. They seem to hang out by my big French doors. I am freaking myself out what they are and hoping they are no danger to my family or our pets!! I want them gone! Please help

Tuscarawas County Ohio

2 Responses

That appears to be a weevil of some sort. Nearly all weevils feed on plant materials, such as tree fruit or stored grain products. They are attracted to the sunlight, which is why they appear at that door.

I'd suggest checking all of your stored grain products, such as cereal, flour, etc. I'd also check all dried pet food, including dog/cat food, bird seed, etc. It's most likely that these insects were brought in accidentally on some infested material.

If you find a food/pet item with insects, discard it, and then wipe down the pantry area to get rid of any spilled material. This should cause the infestation to disappear shortly.

Thanks so much will clean EVERYTHING !!!!