Blueberry Shrivel

Asked July 17, 2017, 5:07 PM EDT

Our blueberry bushes have clusters of unripe blueberries that begin to ripen and then shrivel to a tiny size. When I touch them, the whole tip of the branch is dry and breaks off with very little pressure.

Clackamas County Oregon blueberries

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Thank you for your question. Your berries appearvto be infected with a fungus called mummy berry. It is prevalent in wet, cool springs. OSU had an article about this dated 1/31/14 (titled "Mummy berry could spook your blueberries). Do you happen to know what cultivar of blueberries you're growing? Have you ever experienced this before? The fungus lingers in fruit and leaves that drop and are not removed, and infect the fruits in seasons that conditions are ripe. As the referenced article points out, some varieties are less susceptible than others. Will await more info!

We have been plagued with this for several years .Many of my current blueberries are new to our yard about three years ago. These came from a blueberry farm, but have not developed the mummy berry. I guess they must have caught it from the blueberries we already had when we added new plants. What can I do to get rid of it??

Thank for writing again. Here is a link to an Extension article with more information and some advice, as you requested: If it doesn’t answer your questions, please write again. Good luck!