Can i safely move my sugar baby watermellon plant to a sunnier location?

Asked July 17, 2017, 3:46 PM EDT

Hi i planted one vine along w other veggies to a garden new to me. I didn't realize that the plant would get only an average of 3.5-5 hours of direct ligjt until i timed it recenrly. I was told by a previous gardner rhat everything grew there and estimated it got 6-7 hrs. I bought it as a start so its been transplanted from that already. The soil is well drained i keep it moist and give it lits if tlc but it is only just now gettin the beginnings of a flower. Today is 7/16 so it could grow and reach maturity b4 frost. Question is would it do better w mor sun? it i

Carroll County Maryland

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We recommend that you leave the plant where it is now, especially since it has started flowering. The plant might not survive the transplant shock now in the summer heat. It would take time for the roots to get re-established. Leave it be and hope for the best this year, then plant in a sunnier location next year.