Question about Varroa mites

Asked July 17, 2017, 2:28 PM EDT

I am new to bee keeping. Have attempted to capture a swarm from a dead snag tree in my back yard. (unsuccessfully). It has been in place for about 20 years. Because of its age, I assume it has good genetics, or has somehow avoided the Varroa mite problem. Since I was unsuccessful in capturing a swarm, again this year, I purchased a Nuc from a private party in Corvallis. The resultant hive appears successful at this time. My question is, that I feed hummingbirds. Recently the bees have found the hummingbird feeder. Coincidentally, my hummingbird feeders have acquired hundreds of light tan, mite like insects. Could these mites be coming from the bees, and this is a method of spread to other bees? I didn't see the mite like insects in the humming bird feeders before the bees found the feeders. If you have an opinion on this question, I would be interested in hearing it. Thank you very much.

Linn County Oregon

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Without a photo of the mite like insects, I cannot even guess what you are seeing. I don't think they would be varroa tho.