Yellow leaves on tomatoe bucket plant

Asked July 17, 2017, 7:46 AM EDT

My leaves are yellow on the bottom leaves in my bucket tomatoes. Is the any home remedy for it or do I just trim them off. I have to water twice a day it's been so hot. Tomatoes look good though. I've feed them epsom salt, egg shelling,coffee grinds. My leaves curl under so I water, is that correct?

Marshall County Kentucky

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You probably have some early blight starting. If caught early, removing leaves (and bagging or burning them) can help. When the pressure gets bad, fungicides may become necessary. The active ingredient you'll want to spray is chlorothalonil, brand names Daconil or Fungonil). Spray once a week, more often if it rains. It's a protectant only and will not cure anything.

Keep tomatoes well-fertilized and watered (which you seem to be doing). If tomatoes are planted in garden soil, they probably don't need any calcium. If in potting media, you should always throw a small handful of lime in prior to planting for the plant's calcium requirement. Egg shells will not solubilize enough to help with calcium.

Hope this helps.