zucchini wilt?

Asked July 16, 2017, 10:53 PM EDT

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me figure out the wilting that is happening in my zucchini? I looked it up online but couldn't find anything helpful. The wilting is out at the edges of the leaves, and then dries out completely. I don't see any pests. The watering levels are the same as other zucchini plants that are not wilting. I'm attaching a couple pictures. I'm also wondering about this caterpiller-looking little guy...can you tell me what it is? Thanks so much for your time! I appreciate any help/info you can give.

Mesa County Colorado

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the insect you show is a southern armyworm. It can eat the foliage of your vegetables but typically not a big pest. it will turn into a moth.

On the foliage, I assume you are looking for squash bugs underneath and at the base of the plant. If the plant is more south-west than the other plants it could be drying out faster. With the hot dry and windy weather, this plant may not have been able to transport enough moisture. And if overwatered, the same thing can happen. With us finally get moisture, see if it improves. If it continues to get worse, bring a sample to your local Extension office at 2775 hwy 50 in the Mesa County Fairgrounds.