fungus problem with mango and avocado?

Asked July 16, 2017, 10:44 PM EDT

I have grown a mango from seed starting last year, and it took off through last summer. This summer I have seen no successful growth. The growing tips put out some growth which withers and dies within a few days. It has been doing this since the late spring. I also have an avocado which had done well through last summer, but now dies back starting at the tips of the young leaves whenever it begins to grow. Since the plants are kept next to each other and since the problem seems to be with new growth, I am wondering if it is the same problem on both, and if it is fungal. Any help would be appreciated. Dan

Allegheny County Pennsylvania mango horticulture

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I think that the problem may be a build-up of salts in the potting soil. Mangoes are sensitive to too much boron or too little manganese, zinc and iron. The salts accumulate in the soil from watering and fertilizer applications. Have you repotted the plants since you planted them? If you did repot, did you scrub the pots thoroughly before adding new potting soil? Is there a good drainage hole in the bottom of the pots? When you water, you should flush the accumulating salts out by watering until you see water draining from the bottom of the pot. After the excess water has drained out, be sure that you remove the excess water from the pot's saucer if you are using one. This would also be the case for your avacado plant. Here's a link for more detailed information on growing mangoes in pots:

Here's a link for more info about growing avocadoes in pots: