Raw Sweet Potato Question

Asked July 16, 2017, 5:31 PM EDT

I bought sweet potatoes that, when peeled and cut open, had rows of hollow cavities that contained a white-colored, irregular-shaped substance. I manipulated this white substance inside the cavities with the tip of a knife and the substance was kinda hard, and looked like little balls. (I was going to make sweet potato fries.) Each of the potatoes in the bag were the same way. I decided not to use these potatoes, but wonder (1) could I add them to my compost, and (2) what is wrong with these sweet potatoes?

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

We can't tell from your description just what is inside your sweet potatoes. You are welcome to send photos.

If it looks like a disease and you intend to use the compost to grow sweet potatoes, we would recommend not composting it.