Tomato plants - some are failing to thrive in July

Asked July 15, 2017, 2:40 PM EDT

I had great success with tomato plants last year. This year not as good; see photos where some are above the cages and another, though with fruit, is barely above the first rung of the cage. I put lots of compost from the county landfill in this garden area three years ago with great results. Is there any way to rescue these plant? They are all getting adequate water in the recent heat. Thanks for any suggestions.

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

It looks like your tomatoes have symptoms of early blight. Unfortunately, this is a very common disease that affects tomato plants. The following page has information about early blight and some things you can do to manage it:

Prune out the affected leaves at the base of the plant (and discard the affected foliage) to improve air circulation and help control further spread of the disease.