scab disease on peach tree

Asked July 15, 2017, 9:34 AM EDT

For the past two years our peach tree has had these freckles. They don't seem to affect the peaches flesh but they are unsightly. Any advice on how to treat this would be appreciated. Thank you, Terri Gosney

Boone County Kentucky

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I don't think this is scab although your peaches may have that as well. What you have is bacterial spot. This disease overwinters in buds, twigs and cracks in the bark. If you had it last year you will have it this year and unfortunately next. When the tree is dormant in early spring spray with copper. Peaches don't tolerate copper all that well so you need to apply when dormant and then a

few applications as the buds are breaking and foliage is coming out.

There are new peach cultivars showing fair resistance to the disease. Contact mail order fruit tree nurseries and select only those with bacterial spot resistance.

Please call our office and request a Home Fruit Spray Schedule.

Healthy trees are less likely to be damaged by this disease. Make sure you are fertilizing and irrigating as needed.

Unfortunately once the disease is evident there is little you can do to correct it during the growing season.