extremely invasive grass taking over lawn

Asked July 14, 2017, 9:18 PM EDT

is there a solution for this Bermuda type invasive grass that grows extremely fast in the summer taking over with both seeding as well as sending shoots out sometimes a foot a week?

Woodford County Kentucky

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Bermudagrass is VERY difficult to selectively remove from our cool season lawns. Since Bermudagrass control will not be easy, first BE SURE that it is Bermudagrass infesting your lawn. It grows in spreading fashion with wiry stems and leaves/blades arranged in a "herringbone" pattern on the stems. I can help identify it if you are uncertain. You can bring it by my office or send a picture. How you control it will depend in part on the densityof your lawn and how badly it is infested with Bermudagrass - a 10 sq ft patch or the entire lawn? There are a couple of "Bermudagrass Control" products available at garden centers. These may best be considered as Bermudagrass suppressors. To help your existing lawn, avoid spring and summer fertilizer application, as this will only strengthen bermudagrass. Instead, apply nitrogen fertilizer as needed in the fall. We do free soil tests through our office. Mow as high as possible, preferably at 3-3.5”, to allow cool-season grass to thrive and shade Bermudagrass. Fenoxaprop (Acclaim Extra) beginning June 1 and then every 4 weeks until Sept 1 suppresses Bermudagrass. A lawn service can apply this herbicide. Another option. if you have a relatively small area infested with Bermudagrass, is to mark out the infested area. Spray Roundup (glyphosate) inside the marked area on actively growing, green Bermudagrass during early summer. This will unfortunately also kill the rest of the grass in that area. Reapply glyphosate to green blades of Bermudagrass when it recovers from first application. Reapply a third and fourth time when Bermudagrass again recovers. If you are persistent you may be able to kill Bermudagrass over the course of 2-3 years. Resod or reseed dead area with a turf-type tall fescue. Please contact me if you need more information, 859-873-4601.