Is this poison ivy?

Asked July 14, 2017, 4:45 PM EDT

A friend says to take action with herbicide, but I'm not sure. it's a young plant, couple of inches across, hard to tell. Thanks!

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Looks like poison ivy. Herbicide is not necessary. Just put on some gardening gloves and pull it out. It's so small, it won't have much root. Pull it when soil is moist so that you don't get the entire root. You can also loosen the soil around it with a trowel or shovel so that it is easier to remove.

Poison ivy seedlings are common since birds eat poison ivy berries and drop them. Not a big deal unless they are ignored and become big plants or are allowed to spread.You are catching yours at the perfect time.

There is poison ivy info and help with identifying it on our website. Just put 'poison ivy' in the search box.