How long do zucchini, cucumber and bush green beans bear for?

Asked July 14, 2017, 2:08 PM EDT

I am currently harvesting zucchini, cucumber and bush green beans and wondered how long the harvest is supposed to last. I wanted to make room for fall crops and need space to sow lettuce seeds and spinach seeds. Do the zucchini, cucumbers, and beans tend to end by early August or do some harvests last into the fall? Last year, I had a huge cucumber harvest in early July but by the end of July, they started growing into funny shapes (fat on one side, really skinny on the other side), so I pulled them out. Last year, my zucchini barely produced anything (maybe 3 squashes) but this year I am getting tons. Thanks!

Howard County Maryland

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Zucchini, cucumbers, and beans can produce into mid-August, if the plants are healthy -- and can potentially go even later, depending on the weather. It is really up to you on when you decide to pull the plants out to put in your fall crops. You might want to pull a few of your summer crops and make your first sowing of the fall crops, then pull the rest 2-3 weeks later and sow a second round of lettuce and spinach. The following page has our calendar of recommended dates for sowing vegetable crops.