Baby bug identification

Asked July 13, 2017, 4:25 PM EDT

Hi I am in need of identifying what maybe baby bugs that I have found in my kitchen and pantry. They are quite small, adult flea sized, approx 3mmx5mm, they crawl and fly, their color is medium brown, they are shaped like medicine capsule from over top view. They seem attracted to liquid/oil. They may be coming in from exhaust vent over the stove? They do not move very fast but are quite small and hard to photograph. Any ideas on identification and eradication are welcomed. Advanced thanks

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Please look through the indoor insect id's on our website:

Most indoor pests move slowly. One fast mover is cockroaches.

If you can swat one, please send us a photo and we'll be able to id it quickly.


Looks like these are mature bugs not babies maybe cigarette beetles? Photo enclosed. Thanks for your help identifying. Can't get browse feature to activate in order to upload photo. Please advise, can I email to you ?

You will have to upload the photos to your computer. You can attach the photos to this reply. We do not have a separate email.