Black Bug or Beetle likes Euonymus

Asked July 13, 2017, 1:37 PM EDT

I noticed that my euonymus have been food for a bug or beetle over the last couple of weeks. I went to my garden store and they couldn't identify it. I am attaching a pictures of the insect and the damage. The insect's body measures 7-8 mm or a little over a quarter of an inch. Can you help me to identify and control this little critter? It eats nocturnally and I collected him at about 11:00 pm yesterday.

El Paso County Colorado

2 Responses

This beetle is one of the so-called root weevils, probably strawberry root weevil. They feed nocturnally on many plants including euonymus and lilac. They characteristically "notch" the leaf edges. This may affect plant appearance but doesn't represent a major health threat. More details:

Thanks for getting back. It looks exactly like my weevils. I'll be working on a little pest control. I just planted the euonymus and have been putting quite a bit of water on them.