daylily stalks are browning

Asked July 13, 2017, 8:11 AM EDT

All or many of our daylily stalks are turning brown and wilting. A closer look indicates what looks like aphids at the end of the stalk near the base. I cannot recall this sort of damage or infestation in years past. Is this typical and we have never experienced it before or is something else going on?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Can you send a picture of the damage? Aphids are a nuisance but rarely kill a plant. They can be blasted off with the hose each day and controlled effectively. One can wear a glove if is squeamish and grab the stem firmly enough to crush them as the stem is pulled through the hand. Ugg, but very effective. However it is doubtful aphids are the cause of the browning.

Yes, attached are pictures. It is happening up and down our block. A second person asked about it. Note on lily 2. jpeg a view of the insect.


It looks like leaf streak, a disease and not insect damage. Please see the fact sheet for advice on how to manage it.