Canker on crape myrtle

Asked July 11, 2017, 4:11 PM EDT

I recently sent a photo of my crape myrtle which you thought had canker. It is at the bottom on all the main stems and since I can't cut it away without getting rid of most of the beloved tree I will need to cut it down. Can I plant another crape myrtle in the same spot? Or is canker contagious? Is it safe to plant another kind of tree, if it isn't safe to plant the crape myrtle? Thanks.

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It is okay to plant another crape myrtle. If you can remove the stump as well as the roots you can replant nearby. Part of it may depend on how far out from the base of the original tree that the roots were ground up. If you have to leave the stump, plant at least 3 feet away.
Look for crape myrtle that have resistance to powdery mildew and hardiness

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