Trees dying

Asked July 11, 2017, 3:24 PM EDT

Hi, We have an area of the yard we landscaped 11 years ago and just noticed several of the trees are dying. We have juniper style trees lining a fence that are browning and then several ornamental trees where the leaves have large spots and are browning. We are not sure what to do to save them or if they can be saved. We use Trugreen and they did apply a treatment to shrubs/trees June 13th. We do not have details on if this area was sprayed. We also have a sprinkler system and the grass around the trees does not seem to be stressed.

Oldham County Kentucky

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The die back in the junipers could be caused by several things. A closer look at the tree would be necessary to determine what is happening. The tree is a crab apple and it has Cedar Apple Rust on the foliage. To control the rust the trees will need treating several times during the spring. The leaf spots generally will not kill the plant however they will cause early leaf drop and stress the tree.
Even with your pictures I am unable to give you complete answers to your questions.
There are a lot of possible answers so I recommend you contact your local Cooperative Extension Service office in Oldham County. 502 222-9453 They will be able to look at your landscape plants and help you find solutions.