canadian thisle in lawn we our locataed in at 6-mile bay, Scoobys point

Asked July 11, 2017, 9:45 AM EDT

our lawn is producing much thistle, it is growing faster than the lawn, during this dry period. lawn does not need cutting, , but the thistle is growing. how do we get rid of it. w/o a liscense applicator.?

Ramsey County North Dakota

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Good Morning!! Sorry for the delay as I have been on vacation the past week. Canadian thistle does thrive in dry conditions but fortunately fairly easy to control. How big of area do you have to take care of?

The herbicide of choice for larger areas would be a dicamba herbicide but if have a lot of trees not a real good choice as dicamba leaches into the soil and can affect trees.

Curtail should be available for you also and does great on any plant in the thistle family.

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