Pet-Safe weed killer

Asked July 10, 2017, 10:20 PM EDT

What is the best weed killer to use between pavers that is safe for pets and the environment, and really kills weeds? Is there something on the market that can be purchased?

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Hello! Thanks for reaching out to OSU Extension.
While nothing is 100% safe, there are several low-risk options.
- It can get pretty hot in the summer months next to pavers. If you can keep your irrigation water off the pavers, the weeds may die from heat stress.
- Flame and boiling water are options to kill the tops of weeds, but of course, not very safe. Handling practices would be very important to reduce the risk.
- After clearing the weeds, a pre-emergent weed killer, when used according to the label, could be very effective at preventing future break-throughs. There are several options on the market at hardware/big-box stores. Look for the word "pre-emergent" on the label and follow the directions carefully. Any excess runoff could prevent turf/plant growth nearby.
- Call the National Pesticide Information Center for more @ 1-800-858-7378.