Resistant weed overtaking lawn.

Asked July 10, 2017, 7:43 PM EDT

I had professional lawn service and they said that they could not kill this weed ( and the serviceman did not know what the weed was). I discontinued service and the weed is quickly overtaking my lawn. Could you please tell me what weed/fertilizer I can use to destroy it? Btw, your Pennfine seed is great! Thank-you, In Harrisburg, William G Schuck, Jr.

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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Can you send additional pictures please I can't Id from this one

Okay, I pulled some separately. Thank-you, Jeff!

It is a warm season grass either Bermuda or zoysia grass. Unfornuanately there is not a real good way to get rid of it in cool season grass. There is spray that takes it out of bluegrass but we haven't done any research on fine fescue. I will continue to seek a treatment to assist. J

Jeff, thanks a lot. Here's hoping you might come up with something or my local nursery.