I have two bradford pear trees they have small holes like the ones I saw in...

Asked July 10, 2017, 5:12 PM EDT

I have two bradford pear trees they have small holes like the ones I saw in the picture some leaves are turing black not many Lexington farm and garden recommended something I could spray in the holes I DID that I am not sure if it help any advise you could give would be helpful I hope that I will not have to cut them down jerry white 336-752-2484

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There are a couple of questions in order to help you figure out what's going on. 1. Are the holes you're referring to in the leaves, in the trunk or somewhere else? 2. Are the leaves on the outside or inside turning black? And are they turning black and falling off or just hanging on? 3. How old are the trees? 4. What did you spray on them and when?

It might be best for you to send in a couple of pictures to help me see the issue visually. You can email those pictures to klchalou@ncsu.edu or attach them to this question on Ask the Expert.

I do not have a picture because I do not have anything to send them on but the holes are in the tree limbs they are like bore holes

It sounds like some type of insect or it could be from a woodpecker searching for insects under the bark. Without a picture or a sample I cannot confirm which or if it is either of those issues. How old are the trees? What did you spray on them and when?

If you are need someone to come take a look at the trees to determine if they should be taken out, we recommend contacting a local certified arborist who can identify the risk associated with the trees, if there is one. You can find a certified arborist at http://www.isa-arbor.com/findanarborist/findanarborist.aspx