How to treat 3 cherry tree leaves with holes

Asked July 10, 2017, 2:51 PM EDT

We have a small weeping tree in the front yard and two white flowering (cherry?) trees in our parking strip. They all have holes being chewed in their leaves. The trees in the parking strip have some curled leaves with brown on them How do we treat for this?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Without photos or actual samples it is difficult if not impossible to accurately diagnose the problem. Look at the following common problems to see if the descriptions fit what you are seeing on your trees. Since we frequently have cool wet springs, fungus issues abound. One of the most common for ornamental and fruiting cherry trees is Brown Rot and Blossom Blight. This link is to an OSU Extension publication that describes the causes, symptoms, and solutions to this fungus. (The fungicide spray options available to homeowners are marked by an “H” in a box at the end of the entry.) Another possibility is Shothole. This link is to UC Davis’ Integrated Pest Management page. This is also a fungus. Read this description to see if that fits the symptoms. If neither of these fit what you are seeing, take a sample of the leaves into the OSU Extension office at 2050 NE Lafayette Avenue in McMinnville. In the fall be sure to clean up fallen leaves and dispose of them to reduce the spores hanging around just waiting to re-attack your trees.